Pool Repair Services in Miami

Since 2008, Elite Pool & Spa Service has been providing quality pool maintenance services to customers in Key Largo, Hialeah, Dania, Opa Locka, Miami and the surrounding area. Our certified pool operators will inspect your pool system and ensure that no leaks are left behind and the pool is cleaned thoroughly. Rely on us for all your swimming pool needs. For more information about our services, call us at (786) 724-2496.

Our Services:

  • Monthly Regular Maintenance Includes:
    • Net Debris from Water Surface
    • Thoroughly Vacuum Pool
    • Empty Skimmer and Strainer Basket
    • Clean Filter as Needed
    • Keep Swimming Pool Water Chemically Balanced
    • Check Equipment for Proper Operation
  • Equipment Repair
    • Pump
    • Filter
    • Salt System
    • Heater
  • Installation of New Equipment
    • Pump
    • Filter
    • Salt System
    • Heater
  • Remodeling
    • Surface Refinish
    • Remove and Replace Water Line Tile
    • Remove and Replace Copping
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